Superbly Styled

Park Ward

Drop Head Coupe

This superbly styled two-door drop head coupe provides luxurious seating for up to five persons. The 3 Litre engine has a top speed of 120mph and the acceleration, performance and handling qualities of a true thoroughbred. The five-speed gearbox and power steering are standard equipment with automatic transmission available as an option.

The hood is soft, flexible and completely weatherproof, and is lined with English wool-cloth folding neatly away behind the rear seats when not in use. The roomy boot gives ample accommodation for luggage.

As with all the Alvis Continuation models, there is a wide choice of options so each car can be a bespoke design to the customer's own particular requirements or preferences.

Production is limited to 25 cars.


3.0 Litre

      • Engine: Six-in-line
      • Capacity: 2993cc
      • Transmission: 5 Speed all synchromesh
      • Final Drive: 3.77:1
      • Suspension: All Independent
      • Brakes: Disc brakes all round with vacuum operated servo
      • Wheels: 165x15
      • Cooling: High efficiency radiator
      • Chassis Frame: Fully galvanized all steel
      • Coachwork: All-Aluminium over Ash Frame