Individuality & Quality


Coupe / Cabriolet

The Alvis Graber Super Cabriolet has the well-proven Alvis 3 Litre engine but carries coachwork of a more sporting appearance. The car is smooth and comfortable at cruising speeds but when called upon, can deliver remarkable acceleration combined with excellent handling. The roomy interior accommodates 4 adults in comfort and uses the same high quality hide and interior fittings as all Alvis models. In short, the Alvis Graber Super Cabriolet is a car that can satisfy the most demanding motorist who wants an eye-catching sports car but does not want to sacrifice comfort and convenience.


3.0 Litre

Engine: Six-in-line
Capacity: 2993cc
Transmission: 5 Speed all synchromesh
Final Drive: 3.77:1
Suspension: All Independent
Brakes: Disc brakes all round with vacuum operated servo
Wheels: 165x15
Cooling: High efficiency radiator
Chassis Frame: Fully galvanized all steel
Coachwork: All-Aluminium over Ash Frame