The Engine

Manufactured from the original drawing, the 4.3 Litre Alvis in-line six-cylinder engine is faithful to the 1936 design, in maintaining all its period character and quality, yet by utilising modern technology it is emission compliant.

The six-cylinder engine is both designed and manufactured by the Alvis Car Company. It has an overhead valve mono-bloc construction with a 92mm bore x 110mm stroke giving it a capacity of 4387cc. It produces an exceptionally long and sustained torque curve giving smooth and powerful acceleration.

BHP: 170 at 4,400rpm Average speed: 110mph Fastest Lap: 115mph (average) Maximum speed: 119mph

Performance Figures Recorded at Brooklands in 1938

The seven-bearing crankshaft, forged connecting rods and special alloy pistons are all precision engineered to the highest standards and each engine is individually hand-built by one of our master engine technicians.