Alvis Continuation Series – Gräber Super Coupé

It is immediately noticeable that the Alvis Graber Super Coupe and Cabriolet are cars that give the driver a feeling of superb quality and makes driving a pleasure.   With these models, we have engineered our six-cylinder 3-litre engine to achieve a good performance at low speed making it exceptionally versatile and enjoyable.   With the easy and precise control and the road holding of the Alvis Graber is in a class by itself.   The comfort of the seats is unmatched and only the very best materials are used. The coachwork is hand-crafted for each individual owner by our highly skilled coachbuilders. Each car can be a bespoke design to the customer’s own particular requirements or preferences. This model, like all Alvis cars, embodies the brand by giving the owner individuality at the highest level.